About TaxTeam international tax services

When it comes to cross-border business or personal wealth, you want peace of mind and control. Peace of mind that you are not paying more tax than necessary, while still being compliant. And control from knowing that your business and finances are structured flexibly from an international taxation point of view.

International tax advice and insight

As an international tax consultancy, we develop custom financial and tax planning strategies that identify tax opportunities and eliminate tax risks for medium and large businesses and high net worth individuals. We provide professional advice on international tax law and the application of tax treaties and domestic tax legislation in the jurisdictions that impact your business or wealth. And we give you early warning of any legal changes, so you can maintain the best tax structure for your business and personal finances. All the time.

We cover three types of international tax planning needs:

  • Corporate structuring projects that involve developing a complete group structure. Goal: to ensure practicality and compliance with current tax legislation. This creative process involves identifying risks and opportunities and reconfiguring your organization accordingly.
  • Advising on proposed business deals and how best to structure them from an international taxation perspective. For example, the best way to purchase or dispose of a company from a tax perspective.
  • Structuring business ownership and governance, and personal wealth preservation. Think of participation strategies and the creation of trusts, foundations, and other vehicles aimed at promoting efficiency and safety.