How we work

These principles define how we work. We follow the business needs of our clients – we are solution-oriented, methodical, and approach your situation from every angle. We encourage discussion and are objective. And we are honest when discussing the possible risks that go with your possible solutions.


Focused purely on international tax

About half the time we work directly with the business owner or their financial team or tax director. In the other 50% of cases, we work with local law firms that need support with international tax. We only deal in international taxation and leave local tax issues to local tax and law firms. And in the same vein, we can call on a network of specialists, as needed.

These include Amsterdam-based asset managers and traders.

Another thing you need to know is that we ask our clients, personal and businesses, to “give us everything” – the unvarnished truth in the form of complete and frank disclosure. This enables us to deliver solutions that truly fit, including identifying problems you may not even know you have.

True picture, custom solution

Once we have the full picture, we identify all your risks and opportunities and come up with alternatives that we then ask you to study and rank, based on what matters most to you. For example, is tax efficiency paramount, or are you willing to trade some efficiency for a more easily manageable business structure? Are you willing to relocate to another country? Or not?

In-house or with-support implementation

Based on your parameters, we analyse your selected jurisdictions, the tax regulations and what you would need to qualify for that tax regime, either as a business or individual. Next, we create a rollout plan to implement your structure. Finally, you implement your plan yourself, or we can help you do what’s needed to set your business up as envisaged.