TaxTeam international tax services and tax planning

TaxTeam has developed a unique approach to international business structuring and personal wealth tax planning. This enables us to offer tailor-made services and solutions that meet your needs in the most fitting and effective way.

Tax services for cross-border business

Our expertise lies in maximizing the tax efficiency of complex as well as straightforward international projects. Crucially, we deliver this while taking into account the effect our tax solutions will have on your commercial, legal and financial operations. And unlike most tax firms, which specialize in their own jurisdiction, we can serve as your international tax manager if you don’t already have one. We get to know your business and through this assess the risks and opportunities you may be overlooking.

Optimize your international taxation

Company tax departments are typically responsible for tax affairs in their local jurisdiction and can’t be experts in international tax affairs. They can’t be expected to know the differences between tax regimes in different countries, or the general trends and movements in taxation around the world, such as tax and information-exchange agreements. We do. Which mean we can help you find your bearings and navigate the complex waters of international taxation.

Our focus and specialisms include

  • Designing efficient ownership structures from tax, financial, legal, and administrative perspectives
  • Creating and organizing the holding, financial, operating, licensing, and management structures of group companies and/ or business unit structures
  • Advising on how best to merge, acquire, and dispose of businesses
  • Efficiency valuation and the management of tax risks at all levels
  • Private capital deals and private planning
  • Real estate transactions
  • Project financing
  • Optimal support with the implementation of new structures through our network of banking, trust company, notary and other contacts