What we do

What we do

We offer a unique approach to international structuring. Our main area of expertise – maximizing the tax efficiency of international projects of any level of complexity taking into account the effects in commercial, legal and financial areas. We are able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet client’s needs in the best way.

The key areas of our activity include but are not limited to:

Creation/reorganization of holding, financial, operating, licensing, management structure of group companies
Mergers, acquisitions and divisions in various forms

Private capital deals and private planning

Real estate transactions

Project financing and financial instruments and derivatives

How we work

We are able to provide you with well-known solutions if that would be the best for your business

  • We are able to create non-standard solutions if needed
  • BUT we will never overcomplicate matters just for the sake of it
  • We take an exclusive approach and an individual attitude
  • You can and may expect our commitment to serve you to always be at maximum level.